About Us

Curated Urban Furnishings

Overview: Jamesdar designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes affordable urban furnishings. Many retailers have selected Jamesdar as their Design House Vendor.

Product Design: Jamesdar believes in simple product design that is multifunctional. Simple design requires tremendous effort, talent, and manufacturing sophistication. Many of our products use 8 screws or less during the assembly process.

Branding: Jamesdar is our main brand. Jamesdar consists of multiple product lines: Blythe, Carnegie, Doheny, Katrine, and Dandy are a few. We collaborate with top designers and work on co-branded projects.

Product Variety: There is an intentional effort to justify the creation of each product. We do not believe in duplication. Our team concentrates our efforts in developing pieces that meet high levels of design, quality, and uniqueness.

Our Belief System: We believe Jamesdar and our lines are just names. What’s important is working together everyday to give life to our products. The continuous projects, timelines, and successes create the stories.

Our Culture: We respect each other. We stay honest with our feelings. We work hard and have fun at the same time. We take time out for family and we treat each other as family.

Location: Jamesdar is located in the exciting arts district of downtown Los Angeles. Beautiful murals represent the passion and energy of the people working and living in this cool environment. The inspiration lives through our curated urban furnishings.

Service: Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.